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What is prescriptive analytics?

Prescriptive analytics provides organizations with recommendations around optimal actions to achieve business objectives such as customer service, profits and operational efficiency. Prescriptive analytics solutions use optimization technology to solve complex decisions with millions of decision variables, constraints and tradeoffs. Organizations across industries are using prescriptive analytics for a range of use cases spanning strategic planning, operational and tactical activities.


Improve operations

Optimize product planning, reduce inefficiencies, drive smarter operational decision-making.

Manage resources more efficiently

Better utilize: capital, personnel, equipment, vehicles and facilities.

Mitigate risks

Gain insight into how decisions can have business-wide impacts and hedge against data uncertainty.

IBM Decision Optimization

IBM Decision Optimization is a family of prescriptive analytics offerings that helps organizations solve their toughest decision-making problems by providing tools to convert business problems to optimization models. IBM Decision Optimization provides powerful optimization engines that help solve a variety of optimization models.


IBM ILOG® CPLEX® Optimization Studio

Provides a model development toolkit for rapid development of decision optimization models using mathematical and constraint programming.

IBM Decision Optimization for Watson Studio

Combine optimization and machine learning techniques in a unified environment to build the optimal action-plan and meet business goals.

IBM Decision Optimization Center

A configurable platform for building and deploying applications to solve complex planning and scheduling challenges.

IBM Decision Optimization on Cloud

Harness the power of decision optimization engines on the cloud to solve mathematical optimization problems.

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer for z/OS®

Solve mathematical programming models, like MIP/MIQCP, using CPLEX Optimizer on z/OS.

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Client success

Driving innovation in bulk transportation company

IBM is delivering huge cost savings and supporting growth at a leading bulk transportation company by finding efficient routes in near real time.

Banque de France

Banque de France uses IBM optimization solutions to process hundreds of thousands of securities transactions quickly and securely.

BondIT helps financial advisors accelerate time-to-market

IBM technology helps create smart fixed-income portfolios in minutes to deliver greater value to investors.

FleetPride improves supply-chain efficiency with IBM prescriptive analytics

IBM Analytics solutions give supply chain managers game-changing insights into operations.

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