Why IBM z14

Select the model ideal for your business or data center

The IBM® z14™ family of servers is now available in two form factors. Our dual frame model provides unprecedented performance while our new single frame model delivers z14 capabilities in a 19-inch industry standard frame with a lower entry cost. The new model's flexible, space efficient design offers 10 percent more capacity while occupying 40 percent less space than z13s – making it ideal for the cloud data center.

Encrypt all application data at rest and in flight

IBM z14 empowers you to simplify compliance and protect your critical data from internal and external threats – at low cost, with high performance, and without application changes. IBM z14 is the only server which can deliver 100 percent encryption of application, cloud service and database data.

Meet service levels – even during peak volumes

The IBM mainframe is designed to take Black Fridays in stride. IBM z14 delivers more performance so you can deliver quality service – even at peak transaction rates. This server rapidly responds to changes in business demands by reallocating resources automatically based on priorities and by quickly and efficiently deploying new services.

Gain business continuity with a reliable platform

Ensure continuity of operations with availability built in to every element of the system. IBM z14 delivers 99.999 percent application availability and powerful disaster recovery capabilities. Some client installations have run for over a decade without a second of downtime!

Create value through application and data innovation

Discover and expose existing code for rapid and efficient new service creation. Optimize resource utilization and simplify management to drive efficiency. Enable flexible deployment of micro-services, increase services reuse, and deliver efficiency through new economic models.

Uncover crucial insights through machine learning

With z14 you can apply machine learning to the valuable data that resides on the mainframe without moving data. It allows you to take advantage of open source machine learning tools and methods. Gain real time insight while avoiding the time, cost, latency and risks of moving data around the enterprise.

Upgrading? Use the tool for side-by-side server comparisons.

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Customer case studies

  • Revolutionizing banking with pervasive encryption

    Bank of New York Mellon
  • A cloud-based banking pioneer sees the value of Z

  • Security, economies, and 24/7 reliability for healthcare

    HM Health Solutions

Technical details

Software requirements

Supported operating systems:

  • z/OS® V2.3, V2.2, V2.1, V1.13 (compatibility only) available via IBM Software Support Services
  • z/VM® 6.4
  • z/VSE® V6.2, V6.1 and V5.2
  • z/TPF 1.1
  • Linux on Z, our partners are Canonical, Red Hat and SUSE
  • KVM, offered by the Linux distribution partners

Hardware requirements

Specifications will vary by model and configuration:

  • See the technical Redbooks for details and requirements

Technical specifications

z14 offers unique mainframe system capabilities to support the trusted digital experiences:

  • Specialty engines: IFL, zIIP, Coupling Facility, SAP (for I/O)
  • Encryption: EAL5+, Galois Counter Mode, ECC Digital signature, Smartcards, CPACF, Crypto Express6S
  • I/O: FICON, FCP, zHyperLink, Open Systems Adapter, 10 GbE RoCE2/SMC-R, HiperSockets™, SMC-D
See a complete list of technical specifications

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