Detect and stop advanced threats with QRadar XGS

With attackers constantly trying to breach your network, you need a solution that will detect and stop active exploits right at the point of attack so you can stay Ahead of the Threat®. IBM® QRadar® Network Security (XGS) delivers next-generation network security to improve your visibility and control over network activities, while using deep packet inspection, heuristics, and behavior-based analysis to detect and prevent the intrusion of both known and unknown threats. As part of the IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform, QRadar XGS plays a critical role in helping to provide comprehensive threat detection and network intelligence.

Network Visibility

Gain insight into network activity and potential security risks, including SSL/TLS encrypted traffic.

Network Control

Set network access policies down to user and application action levels to reduce risk exposure and preserve critical bandwidth.

Network Protection

Detect and prevent active threats at the point of attack, and share flow and event data with other solutions for comprehensive network security.

Key Features

  • Integrated with QRadar SIEM
  • Delivers visibility and control
  • Detects and blocks threats
  • Powered by IBM X-Force®
  • Flexible licensing and deployment

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