Industry specific analytics

One stop shop for exploiting big geospatiotemporal data

The API service offering is a one stop shop for exploiting big geospatiotemporal data, which is complex and is difficult to retrieve efficiently. The offering insulates its consumers from the format heterogeneity and data processing complexity of the sourced big geospatiotemporal data. Its query processing model facilitates conditional data filtering and joining of big geospatiotemporal data.

Fast and efficient data curation operations

PAIRS ingests more than two terabytes of new high quality geospatiotemporal data daily.

A unique collection of composable analytics data

PAIRS provisions a unique collection of analytics data that can be filtered and joined with other data sets on demand. Examples of such data are seasonable weather forecasts, renewable energy forecasts, irrigation forecasts, etc.

Ease of data retrieval

The REST API provides its client applications a unified cloud-based interface for fast and easy retrieval of diverse sets of geospatiotemporal data. It possesses a rich catalog of 140 types of data with more than 20 dynamic datasets (e.g., weather, climate, satellite, census, etc.) that are valuable to many industrial use cases.

Customer case study

  • Wildfire control for Central Valley, CA

    This case study shows how an insurance company can identify high risk areas for wildfires in California. In this use case, PAIRS is used to analyze in real time how rapidly a wildfire can spread from one location to another based on the vegetation index and wind speed.

Technical details

Software requirements

Any software that can make Internet-based REST invocations

    Hardware requirements

    Any hardware that supports the execution of Internet-based REST client software