StartUp with IBM

Whether you started a business to disrupt an industry or to create meaningful solutions that actually change people’s lives, IBM is here to help you do just that. We are committed to providing access to our technology, our startup community across local and global ecosystems, and expert support so you can focus on growing your business. Get in touch with our leader for Start Up Ecosystem in Slovakia and use up to 120 000 USD credit to develop your ideas and solutions on our cloud platform - details below:

Apply for Builder and get up to 12 000 USD in credit. Then, you can qualify for our Premium benefits to scale your solution, depending on your needs and growth. Get in touch with your Slovak representative to discuss details on how to get up to 120 000 USD in credit.

Start leveraging the most innovative features in the market and jumpstart the development process with reusable pieces of code patterns across data, AI, blockchain and more.

Get in touch with the Slovak Start Up Ecosystem representative to begin a conversation on what IBM can do for your specific needs.


Ivan Malik

Ivan Malik

Start Up Ecosystem Channel for Slovakia