Relative paths for ASCIIOutput and TextOutput functions

Use a relative path in your TurboIntegrator (TI) processes to export data to your shared folder on the IBM® Planning Analytics system.

The ASCIIOutput and TextOutput TurboIntegrator functions do not work with the output path of \\data\s on the Planning Analytics system. Instead, use ./ to indicate a relative path to the TM1® data directory and shared folder on your Planning Analytics system.

For example, the following TI code sample does not work on the Planning Analytics system:

ASCIIOutput('\\data\s\prod\test.txt',test output);

The following code samples do work on the Planning Analytics system. These samples write output to a user-created folder named temp in the data directory:

ASCIIOutput('./temp/test1.txt','test output 1');
TextOutput('./temp/test2.txt','test output 2');

For more information, see ASCII and Text TurboIntegrator Functions in TM1 Reference (