What is a relational table?

A relational table is a table of columns or fields that describe a listing (or rows) of data, similar to an Acoustic Campaign database. For example, a relational table may contain fields such as customer ID, transaction number, product purchased, product price, sale date, and purchase location.


There are two ways to create a relational table in Acoustic Campaign:

  • By importing a CSV, TSV, or PSV file; or
  • Through the API.
Note: The default limit on relational tables per organization is 10. If your organization needs more relational tables, contact Client Support.


This feature allows you to expand the data available on your contact records exponentially by mapping your database to relational tables. You can store multiple lines of data on purchases, event attendance, activities and map it to a single record, offering a holistic customer view.

When you use this feature, your data can be utilized in queries and segmentation, dynamic content and in personalization in emails.

It is beneficial to associate a database to a relational table so you can use the data from the database(s) in your emails.