Defining technology connectors

Technology connectors are internal system components that provide codeless connection to and from touchpoint systems by using various protocols, including SMTP, HTTP, and FTP.

Before you begin

For more details about technology connectors, see Technology connectors.

About this task

There are two types of technology connectors provided by Decision Server Events: connectors that run within a stand-alone application, and connectors that run as connector applications within the WebSphere® Application Server environment:
  • The Email, FTP, and User Console connectors run within a stand-alone application.
  • The File System, HTTP, JDBC, JMS, REST, and SOAP connectors run as Java™ Enterprise Edition (JEE) applications within the WebSphere Application Server environment. The event runtime manages the deployment and updating of these connectors.

For details about defining each type of technology connector, see the information in the following sections.