Federated MBO integration

Maximo® Integration Framework supports the sharing of data between Maximo Asset Management and external systems in several ways.

The most common way to share information using Maximo Integration Framework is to replicate data between the systems. A federated resource can share system data without replicating external system data in Maximo Asset Management.

MBOs are a set of Java classes that implement the data persistence layer and business rules in Maximo Asset Management. With federated MBO integration, you can associate Maximo Asset Management objects with data from an external system, and persist the data outside of the Maximo Asset Management database. The external data must be exposed through a JSON REST API in order for the data to be available as an MBO.

External data can be registered using the Maximo Asset Management JSON Resources application. External systems can share data with Maximo Asset Management when needed rather than replicating the information into the Maximo Asset Management environment. The federated MBO retrieves the most up to date version of the data from an external application.