Top Line Metrics report

The Top Line Metrics report is a configurable report for analyzing high-level metrics about your visitors and the overall performance of your website. Use it to track key performance indicators on a recurring basis.

You can compare not only date ranges and segments, but also actual metrics, to forecast metrics that are imported to Digital Analytics reporting. By creating a custom view and monitoring trends, you can quickly identify improvements, problems, and concerns with changes and behaviors.

The Top Line Metrics report includes both Anonymous and Tracked metrics but all other reports include only Tracked traffic/metrics. Anonymous metrics are populated because the visitors' permanent cookie are blocked or removed, or the visitor has "opted out" of Digital Analytics tracking cookies.

You can monitor changes in the percentage of customers or revenue that is associated with specific session activity or marketing interaction by applying a report segment to the Top Line Metrics report. You can monitor conversion on an ongoing basis to identify trends in website effectiveness and to assess the opportunity for improvement. Use the Top Line Metrics report to create KPI scorecards or dashboards that are based on trend data, set benchmarks, and set goals for your KPIs.

Report views

The Top Line Metrics report includes Summary, Trend, Heat Map, and Insights Views from the Report menu.

You can use the Trend View to see daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly data for individual metrics over time. The Top Line Metrics report offers both a traditional trend and a cumulative trend view.

The Heat Map shows each metric as an hourly pattern. The darker areas indicate higher levels of activity and the lighter areas indicate lower levels of activity. You can analyze results for a specific event (for example, site change, campaign launch), view the data for each individual week, and compare pre-activity and post-activity. You can look for general trends and indications of the appropriate days or times to send email campaigns or to introduce time-sensitive sales data that you can view as an average over multiple weeks.