IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Databases, Data Protection for Microsoft SQL Server, Version 7.1

Legacy backup overview

A Legacy backup creates a copy of all or part of a SQL database or logs on Tivoli® Storage Manager storage media.

Data Protection for SQL Server provides selection mechanisms and the logic that are required to back up and restore SQL data. When you initiate a legacy backup operation, Data Protection for SQL Server completes the following actions:
  1. Begins a session with a Tivoli Storage Manager server by using the Tivoli Storage Manager API and information that is contained in a client options file.
  2. Starts a session with the SQL Server by using the SQL-SMO interface.
  3. Instructs the SQL Server by using the SQL VDI interface to begin a backup of the selected database objects.
  4. Receives data from the SQL Server and sends it to the Tivoli Storage Manager server.
  5. Informs the SQL Server that the backup is complete.
  6. Ends the Tivoli Storage Manager server and SQL Server sessions.

Depending on the instructions that are provided, Data Protection for SQL Server software can either compress or instruct the SQL Server to compress the SQL data before it sends the data to the Tivoli Storage Manager server.

When a backup is run, Tivoli Storage Manager server retains information about the SQL Server and database. This information is available for query and restore operations after the backup is completed. The information about the names and sizes of the database filegroups and files is stored along with the database data as metadata.