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Using iNotes Redirect to access mail in Lotus iNotes

IBM® Lotus® iNotes users can access their mail files using iNotes Redirect. With iNotes Redirect, users do not need to know the name of their mail file and mail server, they need only know the name of the iNotes Redirect server. iNotes Redirect uses Domino authentication methods to redirect a user's browser to their mail file based on their user name and password.

During setup, you can enforce SSL security for anyone using iNotes Redirect to open their mail file in one of two ways. You can enforce SSL for the entire session, or enforce SSL only for authentication, after which the user is switched back to non-SSL. You can change the SSL port number, if it is not the default 443.

Setting up iNotes Redirect

The IBM Lotus iNotes Redirect template (IWAREDIR.NTF) is in the Domino data directory. To set up iNotes Redirect:

  1. Create an application using the IWAREDIR.NTF template.
  2. In the IBM® Lotus® Notes® client, open the application that you created.
  3. Click Setup and follow the prompts to set up iNotes Redirect.

Note If you select MailServer as the Redirection Type under Server Settings, the common name of the Domino mail server must be the same as its fully-qualified TCP/IP domain name. For example, if the mail server field in the Person document is set to serverA/domainA, the server's TCP/IP fully-qualified domain name must be serverA.lotus.com.

Using iNotes Redirect with portal views

If you have enabled Personal Options for users to display Lotus iNotes in portal views, you should also use the following NOTES.INI variables so that the Logout and the Offline buttons display in portal views. Also note that offline is required for local archiving in portals.


Using iNotes Redirect

To use the iNotes Redirect:

  1. Launch the browser.
  2. Enter the URL of the iNotes Redirect server (for example server.acme.com).
  3. When prompted, enter your user name and password.

Using the new DWALoginForm

To use the new DWALoginForm, you must have created a Domino Web Server Configuration application.

  1. Open the Domino Web Server Configuration application (DOMCFG.NSF).
  2. Click "Add Mapping."
  3. Change the Target Database to your iNotes Redirect application.
  4. Change the Target Form to DWALoginForm.
  5. Save & Close.

You are now ready to use the new DWALoginForm.

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Last updated: Monday, October 5, 2009