Transferring data sets between hosts

When data is created or stored at one host but is processed by another host, some method for transferring the data between hosts is necessary. TCP/IP implements File Transfer Protocol (FTP), a protocol for transferring files between any two hosts. The FTP command invokes the z/OS® FTP client. From the FTP client, you can copy data sets and files between your local host and any host that implements an FTP server.

The FTP command provides subcommands that enable you to change the local and remote directories, set the transmission character code, list remote files, delete remote files, and send and receive files between hosts. You can use z/OS FTP client to perform Structured Query Language (SQL) queries and to submit jobs to JES for batch processing, as well as file transfer. FTP includes optional security features such as Kerberos and TLS authentication, and server user ID and password verification.

See File Transfer Protocol (FTP), for a complete list of FTP functions.