IBM Informix 4GL

Version 7.50

Quick Start Guide

This guide is intended to get you started with a typical configuration for IBM Informix 4GL.

Product overview

IBM® Informix® 4GL is a fourth-generation application development and production environment that provides power and flexibility without the need for third-generation languages like C and COBOL. Informix 4GL Rapid Development System and Informix 4GL Interactive Debugger provide the optimal environment for developing applications, while Informix 4GL C Compiler provides high-performance application execution in the production environment.

The following diagram provides an overview of the base architecture of Informix 4GL.

Architecture of Informix 4GL. Describes a base installation of Informix database server followed by a tandem installation of Client Software Development Kit with ESQL/C and 4GL. 4GL connects to multiple client applications.

The installation package includes:

Product Documentation
The entire documentation set is included on the Quick Start CD.
Informix 4GL Rapid Development System (RDS)
A program development environment that keeps track of the components in your application and that compiles source files into p-code (pseudocode) to reduce application development time.
Informix 4GL Interactive Debugger
A set of tools that you can use to debug your programs while they are running. You can interrupt running programs, change values of variables, and resume programs with the new values.
Informix 4GL C Compiler
A compiler for maximizing application performance. Compiles Informix 4GL source code into C code, and is used primarily for your production environment.

Step 1: Access your software

Locate the Informix 4GL installation media or download the product from Passport Advantage® following the directions located here:

Step 2: Access your documentation

The complete documentation set in PDF format is included on the Quick Start CD and on the Informix 4GL Techdoc at

This Quick Start Guide, the IBM Informix 4GL Installation Guide, IBM Informix 4GL Web Services Administration Guide, and the release, documentation, and machine notes are available in HTML format in the IBM Informix information center located at or

The IBM Informix 4GL By Example, IBM Informix 4GL Concepts and Use, IBM Informix 4GL Reference Manual, and Guide to the IBM Informix 4GL Interactive Debugger are available in PDF format at

Step 3: Read the online notes

Read the following notes located at or

Step 4: Review your upgrade considerations

If you have a previous installation of Informix 4GL and need to upgrade to Version 7.50, see your platform-specific machine notes.

Step 5: Review the installation order and considerations

In the IBM Informix 4GL Installation Guide, read and follow the instructions in these topics:

Memory and space requirements
Identifies the disk space and memory requirements for the IBM Informix 4GL C Compiler, the Rapid Development System, and the Interactive Debugger.
Order of installation
Provides the order in which you must install multiple Informix products.
Creating the user informix, group informix, and product directory
Describes how to create new user and group accounts and a new directory.
Informix environment variables
Describes how to set environment variables.
Creating and using a setup file
Describes how to create and use a setup file.

Step 6: Install 4GL

To install Informix 4GL, read and follow the Installing IBM Informix 4GL topic located in the IBM Informix 4GL Installation Guide.

More information

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