Adjusting the memory resources for the IBM Cognos service

You can change the amount of resources that the IBM® Cognos® service uses. By default, the IBM Cognos service is configured to use minimal memory resources to optimize startup time.

The configuration settings for the IBM Cognos service apply only to WebSphere® Liberty Profile. If you want to configure IBM Cognos BI to run in WebSphere Application Server, configure the memory resources using the WebSphere Application Server administrative console.

The IBM Cognos service is available you installed Content Manager or the Application Tier Components.


  1. Start IBM Cognos Configuration.
  2. In the Explorer panel, expand Environment > IBM Cognos services, and then click IBM Cognos.
  3. In the Properties panel, change the value for Maximum memory for WebSphere Liberty Profile in MB.
    • To reduce the startup time, memory footprint, and resources used, use the default setting.
    • To balance between fast startup time and quick operating speeds, type a value about 1.5 times the default value, such as 1152.
    • To maximize operating speeds and if performance is more important than fast startup time, and if your computer has a lot of resources, type a value about double the default value, such as 1536.
  4. Click File > Save.