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As easy as email

Faspex is a centralized transfer solution that enables users to exchange files with each other using an email-like workflow. Faspex enables high-speed transfers using IBM Aspera’s proprietary FASP protocol, fully utilizing available network bandwidth to maximize speed while preserving control and security. User-uploaded files and folders are sent to, stored on, and downloaded from Aspera transfer servers.

Use Faspex to send files and folders to other members of your organization. Sending files and folders through Faspex is similar to sending an email:
Step Instructions
Start sending a new package. Click Send files to open the send form.
Choose your package recipients. Enter contacts in the To field.
Add your content to the package. Drag-and-drop files and folders from your computer.
Send the package. Click Send.

When you send a package, you upload content to an Aspera transfer server for storage. Faspex notifies the recipients that the package is available. Recipients can then download a copy of the package from the remote server.

Faspex uses IBM Aspera Connect to facilitate high-speed uploads and downloads with an Aspera transfer server. Connect integrates all of Aspera's high-performance transport technology in a small, easy-to-use package that provides unequaled control over transfer parameters. An administrator can also provide an alternative form of transfer by configuring the IBM Aspera HTTP Gateway with Faspex, enabling users to transfer without using Connect.

Some Faspex file-exchange and management features include:
  • Send a package to a list of recipients by sending to a distribution list, a shared inbox, or a workgroup.
  • Forward packages on the server to other users without re-uploading files and folders.
  • Manage user permissions through membership in workgroups and shared inboxes, or by direct configuration.
  • Create customizable email notifications for Faspex events (such as receiving a package).
  • Import members from your SAML providers.

Faspex administrators

You can find topics and procedures specific to administration under Admin.

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