Using the VSE Health Checker Application

The VSE Health Checker is a system diagnosis utility that you can use to retrieve, display, and analyze performance-related data from a VSE system.

The client-part of the VSE Health Checker, which communicates with the VSE Connector Server, provides you with a variety of functions. It can detect VSE configuration problems, which might result in decreased performance or even system outages. Gathered data can be exported and imported in XML format.

VSE data is retrieved by:
  • Sending console commands.
  • Submitting VSE/POWER jobs.
  • Downloading VSE Librarian members.
  • Invoking CICS® transactions.
There is no dependency to any vendor tools.

The VSE output data is transferred to your workstation, parsed, and displayed in the GUI for further analysis.

  1. It is important to understand that the VSE Health Checker does not change any of the system parameters of your VSE system. All the actions that the VSE Health Checker performs are read-only.
  2. Although the process of obtaining data from your VSE system might take up to several minutes, this is simply elapsed time. As a result, CPU overhead caused by the VSE Health Checker is minimal.
Here is the GUI provided by the VSE Health Checker:
Figure 1. Graphical User Interface, as Provided by the VSE Health Checker
An explanation of this figure is provided in the surrounding text.