Using the z/VSE MQ Client Trigger Monitor for Asynchronous Inter-Program Communication

This topic explains how to migrate an application environment that is using WebSphere MQ Server for z/VSE V3.0.0 (5655-U97) to WebSphere MQ Client for VSE.

The IBM product “WebSphere MQ for z/VSE V3.0” (5655-U97) was withdrawn from marketing on September 8, 2014, and was withdrawn from service effective September 30, 2015. WebSphere MQ for z/VSE V3.0 implemented an MQ Server that supports a wide range of typical MQ functions, such as queuing, triggering, publish and subscribe channels, etc.

Thus, one alternative option for users of WebSphere MQ for z/VSE V3.0 is to use the MQ Client on VSE instead, which is available 'as-is' for download from

This topic contains: