Installing the VSE Script Connector

This topic first provides an overview of how the VSE Script Connector is used. Then it describes how you install the server-part (the VSE Script Server) of the VSE Script Connector.
The client-part of the VSE Script Connector (the VSE Script Client) is not installed here, but can be either:
  • a user-written Java™ application.
  • a user-written non-Java application.
  • an existing office product, such as a word-processing or spreadsheet program.
  1. The VSE Script Server must run on a Java-enabled platform.
  2. The client-part (the VSE Script Client) can run on either a Java-enabled platform or a non-Java-enabled platform.
  3. You are not required to write your own Java code in order to use the VSE Script Connector. Instead, you simply write your own VSE Scripts, using the IBM-supplied VSE Script Language.