CICS2WS Toolkit

To use web services with z/VSE it is recommended to use the CICS2WS Toolkit. This toolkit is a development tool that helps you to use web services with your existing CICS programs. The tool reads WSDL files and copybooks and creates proxy code or mapping rules that you use as a layer between your existing programs and the z/VSE SOAP Engine. The proxy code or the mapping rules code is generated as an assembler program. Therefore, you do not require a COBOL or PL/I compiler. It allows a z/VSE system to act as a Web Service provider (server) and as a web service requester (client). It can create proxy code or mapping rules code for both Web Service provider and Web Service requester functions.

CICS2WS Tool supports both z/VSE SOAP Engine (version 1 and version 2). The tool works with both scenarios: z/VSE acts as a Server and z/VSE acts as a Client.

CICS2WS is free of charge and can be downloaded from the z/VSE home page:

Note: The CICS2WS Toolkit is provided ‘as-is’, no support, no warranty. For questions or in case of problems, send an email to