RACF Security Server for z/VM

RACF Security Server for z/VM (RACF) is a product that works together with the existing system features of z/VM to provide improved data security for an installation.

Installation Instructions: The installation of RACF is complete. To use RACF, it must be enabled and configured. See section 1.0 Introduction in Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) Security Server program directory.

RACF® database requirements:
  • For z/VM® non-Single System Image (SSI) installation, the primary and backup RACF databases were defined during the install.
  • For z/VM SSI installation, you must manually define the primary and backup RACF databases as two 3390 full-pack minidisks. For SSI, it is required that the RACF database be shared between the members of an SSI cluster. See the Sharing RACF Databases in a z/VM Single System Image Cluster section of the z/VM: RACF Security Server System Programmer's Guide. See also z/VM: CP Planning and Administration for more information on DASD sharing.