Troubleshooting tips

Table 1. Troubleshooting tips
Symptom Problem Determination
For any problem after installation of ZVDT (creating a devmap, installing z/OS®, starting or stopping ZVDT, z/OS networking issues, performance issues) Validate the environment and the installation by running the z1090instcheck command and fixing errors. Do not worry about errors that are related to kernel.core_pattern unless the hypervisor is terminating abnormally.
AWScccnnns message that is issued from the Linux® terminal that is running ZVDT.

Any message beginning with AWS is a zPDT® message. Enter the following zPDT command

msgInfo message-number

Where message-number is the 10 character message. This command displays more information about the reason for the message. See 4.1.36, The msgInfo command in the zPDT Guide and Reference.