Uninstalling the web server

To uninstall the ZVDT web server, you need to return the license key, and uninstall the license server first. Then, run the installer with the root user ID.

Before you uninstall the web server, you need to complete the following steps first.
  1. Return the existing license key by running the steps that are described in Returning a software-based license key.

To uninstall the web server, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the directory that contains the installer zvdt-install.tgz.
  2. Change the authority.
    chmod 755 zvdt-install.tgz
  3. Decompress the installer.
    tar -xvf zvdt-install.tgz
  4. Run the installer from the root user ID.
  5. If you installed the server with the software-based license server, select if want to uninstall only ZVDT or the software-based license server, or uninstall both of them.
  6. Enter y to confirm the uninstallation. Or, enter n to cancel the uninstallation.
Alternatively, you can uninstall ZVDT silently by using the following command.
./zvdt-install --uninstall --zvdt