Upgrading the web server

To upgrade the web server, you must run the installer with the root user ID.

  1. Open the directory that contains the installer zvdt-install.tgz.
  2. Change the authority.
    chmod 755 zvdt-install.tgz
  3. Decompress the installer.
    tar -xvf zvdt-install.tgz
  4. Optional: Read the README.txt file for the complete installation steps.
  5. Run the installer.
  6. You can upgrade the web server with the following options.
    • Select 1 to reinstall the web server with existing settings except the password of the web server.
    • Select 2 to refresh the installation of the web server by removing all existing settings and configuring new settings.
  7. Select 1 to upgrade the web server to the latest version by following step 5 in topic Installing the web server.
  8. After the upgrade completes, run the following command to verify whether the upgrade is successful.
    • RHEL operating system
      rpm -qa | grep zvdtapp
    • UBUNTU operating system
      dpkg -l | grep zvdtapp

    If the package is installed successfully, the output contains string zvdtapp 1.2.0.

Alternatively, after you complete steps 1 - 4, you can upgrade the web server silently by using the following command.
./zvdt-install --update --zvdt