Adding Linux on IBM Z target environments

Learn how to add, configure, or delete a Linux on IBM Z target environment on the web server.

To add a Linux on IBM Z target environment, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Target environments on the home page, or click the upper-right Configure settings button to navigate to Target environments.
  2. Click Add target environment.
  3. Enter a unique name that can be used to identify the Linux on IBM Z target environment.
  4. Select the system configuration method. In this version, manual system configurations are required, and the Manual Configuration option is selected by default. You need to manually install the ZVDT hypervisor and configure how each instance handles the networking on the target environment.
  5. Optional: Enter notes that can help you identify the target environment.
  6. Enter the qualified hostname and the Secure Socket Shell (SSH) port number of the target environment.
  7. Select the authentication type, Credential or Certificate, enter your authentication information, and then click Establish connection.
  8. Specify an IP address range for instances to use. Each instance acquires one IP address from the specified range. The last octet of the IP address must not exceed 254.
  9. Select virtual tap adapters for instances to use. Each instance requires one virtual tap adapter, so the number of the selected adapters must equal the maximum number of instances that is specified in the previous step.
  10. Click Add a target environment.