Setting up the software-based license server

To operate ZVDT, and authorize the licensee to use the product or any of its components, you need to enable the software-based license server. You can follow the steps that are provided in the checklist.

  • The software-based license server needs to be a static resource in any infrastructure configuration. In a virtualized infrastructure, the license server cannot be moved physically. If the software-based license server is manually or automatically moved, you need to return the license before you move the license server. Then, you need to acquire the license, and apply the license to the license server again after the movement.

When you use the software-based licensing, the software-based license server provides a server for centralized management of license keys for one or more instances of ZVDT.

Host ID and host name

Before you enable the software-based licensing, you need to know the terms that are used in the enablement process.

Each license key file is uniquely identified in the IBM License Key Center with the host name and host ID of the software-based license server for which the license was generated. For software-based licenses, the host name is the host name of the server, which can be displayed with the Linux® hostname command. If the host name has periods, such as if it is an IPv4 address, the IBM License Key Center replaces the periods in the host name with underscore characters.

The host ID, which is required to be unique across all license key files in the LKC, is a generated unique identifier for each software-based license server. The host ID is generated when the license key file is generated. If you are trying to find the license key file in the LKC, by using either Return Keys, View Keys by Host, or View Keys by User, the host ID of the server is the field that uniquely correlates a license key file to the software-based license server for which it was generated.

To enable a software-based license server, follow the checklist.

Table 1. Enablement checklist for software-based licensing
Software-based license Required/Optional Complete
1 Installing the software-based license server

Describe the steps to install software-based license server

2 Obtaining an update file

Describes the steps to obtain an update file for software-based license server.

3 Applying the update file to the software-based license server

Describes the steps to apply the update file to software-based license server.