Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

Learn about the steps to enable LDAP authentication for ZVDT.

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) settings for the server are defined in the <install directory>/Liberty/usr/servers/zvdt-server/ldap-conf.xml file. To enable the support, refer to Configuring LDAP user registries in Liberty to modify the file and define your LDAP configuration before you start the server. The appSecurity-2.0, ldapRegistry-3.0, and transportSecurity-1.0 Liberty features are already included in the configuration of the server, and these steps are unnecessary. The truststore of the server is located in the <install directory>/Liberty/usr/servers/zvdt-server/resources/security/zvdttrust.p12. The password for the zvdttrust.p12 file is 'changeme', and the client needs to know the information to add their certificate to the file. If you are communicating with an SSL-enanbled LDAP server, you need to add your signer certificate for the LDAP server to this keystore file.

This step only allows the user to authenticate to the web server. For more information about authorization, see Managing users and roles.