Adding source environments

Source environments are configured to create components or images that are used to provision instances to target environments for development and testing.

The following source environment types are supported:
IBM Z platform
z/OS on IBM Z physical hardware with configured CICS® regions and Db2® subsystems. This environment type supports component creation by extracting, compressing, and transferring artifacts from an existing z/OS® environment on IBM Z®.
Linux running a ZD&T or ZVDT instance
Supports faster volume component creation by compressing and transferring an existing z/OS instance that IBM Z Development and Test Environment (ZD&T) or ZVDT runs on a host Linux system
A pre-built Application Developers Controlled Distribution (ADCD) package that contains z/OS and many z/OS products and subsystems, from which you can create images.

After you add a source environment, you can expand the source environment that is added to view the details. If you want to filter the source environment types, select the type that you want on the left.

For an z/OS on IBM Z physical hardware environment that are added, you can add, edit, or delete the existing source system, CICS regions, and Db2 subsystems.
Note: The configured mainframe system cannot be deleted if some components were created from the mainframe system.