Returning the license key less than 31 days before expiration

To generate a new license key file for a software-based license server, you must first return the existing license entitlement in the IBM License Key Center, and then generate a new one. Returning the license entitlements is a process of telling the IBM License Key Center that you are no longer using the license entitlements that you previously assigned to the software-based license server. You do not need to return the physical software-based license server update file to the RationalĀ® License Key Center.

You can return a license entitlement in the IBM License Key Center in several ways. The easiest method is to use the View Keys by Host link. You can also use the Return Keys link.

To return a software-based license less than 31 days, complete the following steps:

  1. From the root user ID on the software-based license server, run the following command

    This command creates a request compressed file in the root home directory with a name similar to This file is unique to the software-based license server, and is used to generate the software-based license key file.

  2. If needed, transmit the file to the system you use to log in to the IBM License Key Center.
  3. Log in to the IBM License Key Center, and select your account.
  4. On the left side of the screen, select View Keys by Host.
  5. Select the Hostname corresponding to the license key you want to return.
  6. A table is displayed with data for the Hostname selected. At the far right of the table, click the Change link.
  7. The interface displays a list of the license keys for this license entitlement. Locate the license key of the software-based license server you are returning. Click Browse, and browse to and select the file that you just created.
  8. Click Initiate Return.
  9. A message is displayed to confirm that the license entitlements were successfully returned.