Returning RationalĀ® Tokens for software-based license server

To generate a new update file, you must first return the existing license entitlement in the IBM License Key Center, and then generate a new update file. Returning the license entitlements is a process of telling the IBM License Key Center that you are no longer using the license entitlements that you previously assigned to your software-based license server. You do not need to return the physical update file to the IBM License Key Center.

  1. Log in to IBM License Key Center and select your account.
  2. On the left side of the screen, select Return Keys.
  3. Select IBM Rational Tokens.
  4. A list with license entitlements that are assigned to them from the same Order Line is displayed. Locate the host description you are working with, and click Return. A message is displayed to confirm that the license entitlements were successfully returned.