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Monitor Java applications across the z/TPF system

z/TPF system monitoring for Java™ applications collects system data about running Java applications by using a z/TPF agent.

The data that is collected by the z/TPF agent is passed along to z/TPF real-time runtime metrics collection, which sends the data to Apache Kafka for further analysis. The z/TPF agent can collect data for Java applications whether or not they are running in a z/TPF application manager for Java (JAM).

You can use the IBM Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools (a set of GUI-based tools) to monitor your Java applications, but you can monitor only a single Java virtual machine (JVM) that is connected to a single system. z/TPF system monitoring for Java applications provides a broader view of active JVMs on the z/TPF system.

The z/TPF agent collects the following types of data:
  • Health Center data
  • Java Management Extensions (JMX) data
  • Kafka producer metrics
  • CXF performance metrics

Additionally, you can use the system monitoring tool to monitor managed beans (MBeans and MXBeans) that are instrumented in your Java applications. As a result, you can monitor custom data that is directly related to your application.

You can use system property to reduce the amount of Health Center data that is collected by the agent for Java applications whether or not they are running in a JAM.

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