z/TPF commands

Use this information as a reference guide to the z/TPF commands

The following topics consist of an alphabetic listing of the z/TPF commands. The description of each command contains the following information:
  • A brief description of what you use the command for.
  • Last updated: Provides historical information about which product update (PUT) added, last changed, or obsoleted the command.
  • Requirements and restrictions: Lists the tasks that you must perform before you can enter the command and any restrictions for the command.
  • Format: Provides a syntax (or railroad track) diagram for the command and a description of each parameter and variable.
  • Additional information: Lists miscellaneous information about the command.
  • Examples: Provides one or more examples that show you how to use the command.
Note: When you enter a z/TPF command, all parameters and variables are changed to uppercase by the z/TPF system unless noted otherwise in the command information.