Triple DES Encryption

Triple-DES encryption uses a triple-length key comprised of three 8-byte DES keys to encipher 8 bytes of data using this method:
  • Encipher the data using the first key
  • Decipher the result using the second key
  • Encipher the second result using the third key
The procedure is reversed to decipher data that has been triple-DES enciphered:
  • Decipher the data using the third key
  • Encipher the result using the second key
  • Decipher the second result using the first key

ICSF uses the triple-DES encryption in the CBC encipherment mode.

A variation of the triple DES algorithm supports the use of a double-length data-encryption key comprised of two 8-byte DATA keys. In this method, the first 8-byte key is reused in the last encipherment step.

Due to export regulations, triple-DES encryption may not be available on your processor.