90-day trial

You can try z/OS Change Tracker using the 90-day trial. You have 90 days from the day the trial begins to use and evaluate the feature.

Setting up the trial

Activating the trial is a simple process that does not require assistance from IBM®. To begin your trial, update the dynamic element parmlib member:

  1. Create a copy of IFAPRD00 or your currently active IFAPRDxx member to enable the trial.
  2. Update the new member with the following definitions:
  3. Run the SET PROD command to specify the new member as active on the system.
  4. Update IEASYSxx to point to the new member.

Trial duration

Every time a z/OS Change Tracker started task is started it displays a z/OS console message indicating the number of days left in the trial. No deactivation is required when the trial period ends.

To end the trial early, use either of the following steps to prevent z/OS Change Tracker from starting:

  • Edit the IFAPRDxx member that enabled the trial to remove the entire section associated with FEATURENAME('CHNGTRKR_TRIAL90').



While these steps are not required, they are necessary if you want to prevent z/OS Change Tracker being restarted during the 90-day duration. You might also choose to perform them for system hygiene after the trial ends.

The trial cannot be paused. The original start time is used to calculate the 90-day interval. If you mistakenly remove or disable the IFAPRDxx statement during the trial, the 90-day duration continues. Replace or enable the IFAPRDxx statement as soon as possible to continue the trial.

When the trial is over

Start of changeChanges made to the system during the 90-day trial are not permanent.End of change

After 90 elapsed days, you must purchase a license to continue to use z/OS Change Tracker.

Start of changeIf you choose not to license z/OS Change Tracker:
  • A console message CYG117I will be issued.
  • z/OS Change Tracker batch jobs will fail.
  • The ISPF interface will not start.
  • Any active started tasks will shut down and will not restart.
End of change