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Using SDSF with the REXX programming language

This topic describes how to access SDSF data and function with the REXX programming language, and how to protect the use of SDSF through REXX.

Using SDSF with REXX provides a simpler and more powerful alternative to using SDSF in batch, which is described in Using SDSF in batch.

Table 1 outlines how to access SDSF function with REXX.
Table 1. Using SDSF with REXX
To: Use: For more information:
Add and delete the SDSF host command environment isfcalls() Adding the SDSF host command environment with ISFCALLS
Issue SDSF commands to access tabular panels and other information ISFEXEC Issuing commands with ISFEXEC
Issue action characters and overtype columns ISFACT Issuing action characters and modifying columns with ISFACT
Browse output ISFBROWSE or ISFACT and special variables Browsing output
Print output ISFACT and special variables Printing output
Browse the SYSLOG and OPERLOG ISFLOG Browsing the system log with ISFLOG
Issue system commands ISFSLASH Issuing system commands with ISFSLASH
Issue SDSF commands for filtering and options, and check messages Special REXX variables Using special variables to invoke SDSF function
Drop specified special variables isfreset() Dropping special variables with ISFRESET
Query the environment isfquery() Invoking a REXX exec with an action character
Invoke an exec with an action character % action character Invoking a REXX exec with an action character
Generate a REXX exec for the current panel RGEN command Generating an exec using RGEN

For examples of REXX execs, refer to Examples of REXX execs.

You must be authorized to use SDSF with REXX and you must be authorized to the SDSF functions that you invoke from REXX. In some cases, invoking an SDSF function from REXX when you are not authorized to the function will cause the exec to fail and the invocation of SDSF to end.

System programmers should be sure to define SAF group membership so that SDSF users have the proper authorization when invoking SDSF with REXX. For more information, see Security and REXX

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