Using the TSO NSLOOKUP command

The NSLOOKUP command enables you to query name servers in order to accomplish the following tasks:
  • Locate information about network nodes
  • Examine the contents of a name-server database
  • Establish the accessibility of name servers

Rule: The NSLOOKUP command does not use resolver caching.

NSLOOKUP has two modes of operation: interactive mode and command mode. Interactive mode enables you to repeatedly query one or more name servers for information about various hosts and domains and display that information on your terminal. Command mode displays the output from the query supplied as part of the command and then exits.

TSO NSLOOKUP has been deprecated in favor of the z/OS® UNIX dig command. There are a number of the more recent resource record types that TSO NSLOOKUP will not understand, including the forward and some reverse resource records used for IPv6.