Enabling zERT discovery

You turn the zERT discovery function on in the TCP/IP stack by specifying the GLOBALCONFIG ZERT parameter in the TCP/IP profile data set. Enabling zERT causes the TCP/IP stack to record and collect cryptographic protection information for new TCP and Enterprise Extender connections that terminate at the stack.

  • Enabling zERT discovery is required for zERT aggregation, but does not automatically enable zERT aggregation. See Enabling zERT aggregation for details.
  • Start of changeEnabling zERT discovery is required to use zERT policy-based enforcement but there are additional requirements. See Enabling zERT policy-based enforcement for details.End of change
Results: If you dynamically enable zERT discovery using VARY OBEYFILE, zERT does not collect information about TCP and Enterprise Extender connections that were established before enabling zERT.

For more information on enabling zERT, see GLOBALCONFIG statement in z/OS Communications Server: IP Configuration Reference.