Adding logic to inputs

Add logical dependencies between inputs.

You can add logical dependencies to certain inputs. Logic controls whether inputs are presented to the submitter, and depend on the value of the parent input. Logic simplifies services because the submitter does not encounter irrelevant inputs.

Add logic to an input

You can only add logic to inputs that have a selection form element (when the submitter selects the input value from a preset list of options). You cannot add logic to inputs that are hard-coded or have a text entry form element.

To add logic to an input:

  1. Select the parent input
    1. Click the new logic condition button (icon) to start a logic condition based on the parent input. An empty logic condition appears, which follows the parent input.
  2. Set the condition
    1. Select the option or options of the parent input that define the condition. By default, the condition occurs when one of the selected parent options "is selected" by the submitter. Use the "is selected" dropdown to change the condition to occur when the parent option "is not selected."
    2. If there are more than two options for the parent input, you can select multiple options from the dropdown. This creates an "OR" condition, meaning that the condition is fulfilled if any one of the options is selected by the submitter.
  3. Add dependent child inputs
    1. Drag and drop a service input that you want to appear when the condition occurs. This is the child input. You can also select the child input from the Add input dropdown.
    2. Click Add dependent input to add another child input to the logic condition.
    3. Inputs required by the Workflow definition cannot be added to logic conditions. These inputs in the Add input dropdown menu are disabled.

Delete a logic condition

You can delete a logic condition for an input. Click the Delete condition button Delete icon to delete the logic condition. Confirm the deletion by clicking Delete in the tooltip. Any child inputs in the condition are no longer dependent on another input, and remain in order relative to other inputs.

Rearrange child inputs within a logic condition

Click the Move up button Move up icon and Move down button Move down icon to respectively move and rearrange child inputs within a logic condition. The order of the inputs within the condition is the order that the inputs appear to the submitter when the condition occurs.