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Type 1154 SMF records

SMF type 1154 records provide compliance evidence for participating components with each component having a defined subtype. Communications Server provides SMF 1154 records for the TCP/IP stack, the FTP daemon, the TN3270E Telnet server, and the CSSMTP client.

Each SMF 1154 record contains an SMF extended header, SMF 1154 common information, a subtype-specific self-defining section, and sections containing data for the record.

SMF extended header
SMF type 1154 records use the Extended SMF record header. For a definition of the extended header, see the Extended SMF record header Version 1 table in Standard and extended SMF record headers in z/OS MVS System Management Facilities (SMF). The extended record type, SMFHDR1_EXT_RTY is set to 1154(x'482').
SMF 1154 common self-defining section and common header
For the common area mapping of Type 1154 SMF records common section, see Record common area mapping in z/OS MVS System Management Facilities (SMF).
Following the common header, each SMF 1154 has a subtype-specific section that describes its contents. Communications Server provides the following SMF 1154 SMF subtype records:
  • TCP/IP stack compliance evidence record (subtype 1)
  • FTP daemon compliance evidence record (subtype 2)
  • TN3270E Telnet server compliance evidence record (subtype 3)
  • CSSMTP client compliance evidence record (subtype 4)

Other SMF 1154 subtypes are provided by a number of z/OS components and applications. For a complete list of SMF 1154 subtypes, see Record type 1154 (X'482') — z/OS compliance evidence in z/OS MVS System Management Facilities (SMF).

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