Record type 70 (X'46') — RMF Processor Activity

Record type 70 has the following subtypes:
  • Subtype 1 — contains measurement data for general and special purpose processors, logical partitions, and internal coupling facilities. It has the following sections:
    CPU control section
    Contains general CPU related information.
    CPU data section
    Contains general information on CPU use during the interval.
    ASID Data Area section
    Contains address space use during the interval.
    PR/SM Partition data section
    Contains a configured logical partition.
    PR/SM Logical Processor data section
    Contains a PR/SM logical processor data block.
    CPU Identification section
    Identifies a CPU type.
    Logical Core data section
    Contains logical core measurements in a multithreading environment.
    Tenant Resource Group data section
    Contains CPU activity data for tenant resource groups.
  • Subtype 2 — contains measurement data for cryptographic coprocessors and accelerators. It has the following sections:
    Cryptographic CCA Coprocessor data section
    Contains measurement data for cryptographic CCA coprocessors.
    Cryptographic Accelerator data section
    Contains measurement data for cryptographic accelerators.
    ICSF Services data section
    Contains measurement data of selected Integrated Cryptographic Service Facility (ICSF) activities.
    Cryptographic PKCS11 Coprocessor data section
    Contains measurement data for cryptographic PKCS11 coprocessors.

Record type 70 is written for each measurement interval and when the session terminates. As with all SMF records produced by RMF, it contains a header section followed by the RMF product section.

Macro to Symbolically Address Record Type 70: The SMF record mapping macro for all records produced by RMF is ERBSMFR. Its format is ERBSMFR (n1,n2,...) where n1,n2, ... are the SMF record types you want to map. Note that the parentheses are required only when two or more record types are specified. The mapping macro resides in SYS1.MACLIB.

For information on using RMF, see z/OS Resource Measurement Facility User's Guide. For information on Monitor I and II, see z/OS RMF Report Analysis.