Dedicated LPARs

For a solution with a dedicated LPAR, the method used to associated the solution ID with the system or LPAR affects reporting.
  • If a solution ID is provided on the SOLUT system parameter when a z/OS system is IPLed, the solution ID is included in the SMF type 89 records from that system. SCRT automatically associates the system with the corresponding solution. Solution IDs assigned in this manner are applied on an hour-by-hour basis. A system may move between containers (or out of a container) during the reporting period.
  • When a CONTAINER control statement is specified, SCRT associates the specified LPARs with the specified solution. A CONTAINER control statement applies to the entire reporting period. If a CONTAINER statement is supplied for a system that also has a solution ID specified via the SOLUT system parameter, the solution ID specified on the CONTAINER statement takes precedence and the system parameter value is discarded.