Problem diagnostic worksheet

Use this worksheet when calling IBM® Technical Support to help you resolve your problem.

Table 1. What is the impact of your problem?
  1. Critical business impact
  2. Significant business impact
  3. Some business impact
  4. Minimal business impact
Is there a system outage? If yes, how many systems are affected:
Is the problem repetitive? Can you recreate the problem?
  • Number of occurrences:
Table 2. How is your system configured?
System environment and level
CP model and serial number:
z/OS® level:
How many systems are involved with the problem?
  • LPAR
  • VM
  • Sysplex
What other hardware devices are involved?
Table 3. What are the external symptoms
External symptoms
  • Coded system wait state
  • System hung or partitioned from sysplex
  • Loop or high system overhead
  • Loop or high CP usage by job
  • Job/subsystem/application/function failure
  • Job/subsystem/application/function hang
  • Output incorrect or missing
  • Performance or slowdown
  • Error message issued
Table 4. What symptom information did you collect?
Symptoms extracted from diagnostic information
Dump title:
ABEND code(s):
Wait state code:
Message ID(s):
Module name(s) and rmid:
Component ID(s):
Table 5. Which type of documentation did you obtain?
Documentation obtained
Dump produced:
  • SYSABEND, SYSUDUMP, CEEDump (formatted dump)
  • SLIP, Console, SVC, SYSMDUMP, TDUMP (unformatted dump)
Joblog, SYSLOG, OPERLOG or other:
EREP report of SYS1.LOGREC:
GTF data set:
CTRACE data set:
Table 6. What recovery actions did you attempt?
Recovery actions
  • Program terminated
  • Job canceled
  • Job restarted
  • Job forced
  • Device taken offline
  • Restart key on HMC selected
  • System partitioned or re-ipled
  • Sysplex restarted