Abstract for z/OS Planning for Installation

This information supports z/OS® Start of changeV2R5End of change.

Purpose of this information

This information helps you prepare to install z/OS by providing you with information that you need to write an installation plan. To install means to perform the tasks necessary to make the system operational, starting with a decision to either install for the first time or upgrade, and ending when the system is ready for production. An installation plan is a record of the actions that you must take to install z/OS.

Who should read this information

This information is intended for experienced z/OS personnel who are planning to install Start of changez/OS Version 2 Release 5End of change. It is assumed that the user of this information is experienced in installing and managing the z/OS operating system, subsystems, network products, non-IBM® products, and other software that runs with z/OS.

Related information

The following information can help you plan and perform a system upgrade:
Other sources of information are:
  • IBM Redbooks®, which are developed and published by the IBM International Technical Support Organization (ITSO). These documents, which are named for the color of their covers, are how to documents written by experienced IBM professionals from all over the world. You can find IBM Redbooks at IBM Redbooks.
  • Flashes, which are articles that are written by IBM Systems Center personnel. Flashes alert customers and IBM personnel to significant new technical developments and guidance for the installation, use, and maintenance of IBM products. You can find flashes at IBM Technical Support Flashes site.

To find the complete z/OS library, go to IBM Documentation.