Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramSTORCLAS(storage-class-name)NULLSTORCLASNSC

STORCLAS specifies the storage class that you want to replace (the source storage class) as input to the ACS routines. You must have the proper RACF® authorization for the specified storage class. The keyword itself does not require authorization.

NULLSTORCLAS/NSC specifies that the input to the ACS routines is to be a null storage class rather than the source data set’s storage class.

STORCLAS and NULLSTORCLAS are mutually exclusive; you cannot specify both keywords simultaneously. See Assignment of class names by using the RESTORE and COPY commands for information about assigning class names using the copy function.
Note: If BYPASSACS(dsn) is specified, all data sets that pass the BYPASSACS selection criteria are guaranteed the specified storage class. The combination of NULLSTORCLAS and BYPASSACS(dsn) forces the selected data sets to be non-SMS-managed.