Using the Exit option (X) with the jump function

If the current primary options panel has been coded to select the EXIT command for the X selection, you can use the jump function. Enter =X from any panel to immediately leave the current primary options panel. If there is only one ISPF logical screen active and that logical screen has only one primary option panel in effect, =X exits ISPF entirely.

ISPF recognizes =XALL as an extended version of =X. When you enter =XALL, ISPF propagates an =X to all active logical screens to request the termination of all logical screens and the exit of ISPF entirely.

Note: In the situation where a logical screen is running an application that does not support the =X command, ISPF suspends the =XALL termination processing at that logical screen. If you perform additional processing in that logical screen before you terminate it, the =XALL termination processing remains suspended. When that application is terminated, =XALL processing continues for any remaining logical screens.