Abstract for IBM® z/OS Management Facility Configuration Guide

This information supports z/OS® V2R5.

Purpose of this information: This information is intended to help you configure z/OSMF. This information also provides help for troubleshooting problems that are related to the use of z/OSMF.

Who should read this information? This information is intended for the system programmer responsible for configuring z/OSMF and diagnosing problems with the product. This document assumes that you are familiar with the z/OS operating system and its accompanying products.

This information is intended for installations that install z/OSMF from a Custom-Built Product Delivery Option (CBPDO) software delivery package. If you receive z/OSMF as part of a ServerPac order, this configuration work is performed for you as part of a ServerPac post-install step. If you are using ServerPac, use the jobs and documentation that is supplied with your order. That documentation might refer you to specific sections of this document as required.

Related information

When possible, this information uses cross document links that go directly to the topic in reference using shortened versions of the document title. For complete titles and order numbers of the documents for all products that are part of z/OS, see z/OS Information Roadmap.