Hardware and software requirements

Hardware requirements Data set encryption requires IBM® Enterprise z196 or later as well as the following cryptographic hardware features:

  • Crypto Express3 Coprocessor or later
  • Feature 3863, CP Assist for Cryptographic Functions (CPACF)

Operating System requirements

Coexistence requirements

  • On a z/OS V2R2 system with OA50569, you can create encrypted data sets as well as access encrypted data sets created on a z/OS V2R2 (with OA50569) or later system.
  • On a z/OS V2R1 system with OA50569, you cannot create encrypted data sets. However, you can access encrypted data sets created on a z/OS V2R2 (with OA50569) or later system.
    Note: The minimum software release that can support encrypted data sets is z/OS V2R1 with OA50569. An attempt to access an encrypted data set on a lower release will result in loss of access to the data. Ensure that all systems are at the minimum hardware and software levels before encrypting any data sets.

z/OS® data set encryption for V2R2

Data set encryption for z/OS V2R2 is available. See OA50569: NEW FUNCTION - THE DFSMS Z/OS DATA SET ENCRYPTION ENHANCEMENT.

The DFSMS APAR OA50569 pulls in the pre-req/co-req APAR(s) along with dependency APAR(s); however, depending on the level of service already on a system, additional service can be required. SMP/E APPLY or REPORT MISSINGFIX can be used to identify service needed for the fix category IBM.Function.DataSetEncryption. For more information on fix categories, see IBM Fix Category Values and Descriptions.

A collection of frequently asked questions and answers for z/OS V2.2 data set encryption is available in the IBM Techdocs: Data Set Encryption for IBM z/OS V2.2 Frequently Asked Questions.

OA50569 has two applicable component levels: one for z/OS V2.2 (R220 PSY UA92779) and one for z/OS V2.1 toleration (R210 PSY UA92778)

Additional data set encryption information

Troubleshooting data can be sent to IBM when using z/OS data set encryption; however, to ensure that IBM Support is able to read the data that is in the encrypted data sets, refer to the information in the following IBM Technote (prior to sending troubleshooting data): Search support or find a product: Search support or find a product Search Sending troubleshooting data to IBM when using z/OS data set encryption.