Syslogd browser tool

The two steps to enable the syslogd browser ISPF interface are as follows:

  1. Provide ISPF library access. You must provide access to the z/OS® Communications Server ISPF libraries. You can do this by modifying the TSO logon procedures or by running a CLIST.
  2. Add the syslogd browser to the ISPF Primary Option menu or to an ISPF options menu of your choice. To be able to select the syslogd browser interface from your ISPF Primary Option menu, you need to update the menu and processing sections of the ISR@PRIM panel.

Requirement: You must be able to scroll forward and backward in the ISPF interface to access specific information. Be sure that your keyboard has specific keys for Page Up and Page Down or that you have set PF keys for these functions using option 0.3 on the ISPF Primary Option menu. UP or FORWARD works for scrolling forward. DOWN, BACK, or BACKWARD works for scrolling back.