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IBM Z Deep Neural Network Library (zDNN)

IBM Z® Deep Neural Network Library (zDNN) provides APIs and a toolkit to exploit a new NNPA facility instruction, which drives the on-chip inference accelerator in IBM® z16, known as IBM Z Integrated Accelerator for AI. zDNN provides support for transforming tensor memory layout from standard layout to nonstandard layout, which is required by NNPA. zDNN also provides support for converting tensor element data types from standard types to the NNPA required DLFloat16 format and call deep learning primitives supported on NNPA.

IBM zDNN also includes the IBM Z Artificial Intelligence Data Embedding Library.

Release introduced:
  • z/OS® 2.5 with the PTF for APAR OA62901
  • z/OS 2.4 with the PTF for APAR OA62849
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