SORT command

The SORT primary command sorts the data set list by the specified field. Use this format:

Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagramSORTfield1ADfield2AD
The major sort field. If only one operand is used, ISPF treats it as field1. If both operands are used, ISPF sorts the list by field1 first, then by field2 within field1.
The minor sort field.
The direction in which values are sorted for this field (A=ascending, D=descending).
For example, to sort a data set list by volume and block size within each volume, use this command:
If you do not specify a field, ISPF sorts the list by data set name. The keywords described in Table 1 tell ISPF by which fields to sort the data set list.
Table 1. Sort fields for source libraries
Field Default Sequence Description
NAME Ascending Data set name
MESSAGE Ascending Command completion message
VOLUME Ascending Volume serial
DEVICE Ascending Device type
DSORG Ascending Data set organization
RECFM Ascending Record format
LRECL Descending Logical record length
BLKSZ Descending Block size
TRACKS Descending Data set size
%USED Descending Percentage used
XT Descending Extents used
CREATED Descending Creation date
EXPIRES Ascending Expiration date
REFERRED Descending Last accessed data
MVOL Ascending Multivolume or migration level
CATALOG Ascending Catalog Name
PROMPT Descending Data displayed in PROMPT field

Automatic scrolling is performed, if necessary, to bring the major sort field into view. ISPF displays a progress status pop-up panel when the necessary information to perform a SAVE or SORT primary command has to be retrieved and the data set list comprises 50 or more data sets. The keyboard locks when this pop-up panel appears and stays locked until the SAVE or SORT command is completed. This happens regardless of the setting of Display Total Tracks option and the value entered in the Initial View field.

Note: When Display Total Tracks is ON and Initial View = 2 (Space) or 4 (Total), the pop-up panel appears during the data set list display when it comprises 50 or more data sets and all the track information is to be retrieved. When the SORT command is subsequently issued the pop-up is not displayed as the data is already available.